Sports Rehabilitation Therapy & Exercise

What is it?

Sports rehabilitation and exercise programmes play a key role in rehabilitation from injury and also prevention of injury in the future. Exercise therapy can also be vital in managing long term conditions such as arthritis or spinal problems.
Following a thorough assessment of your problem, your physiotherapist/sports rehabilitator will provide you with a programme to suit your needs. If your aim is to return to sports or other more physically demanding activities, your treatment is likely to also include activity specific sports rehabilitation e.g. running drills, cycling, circuit training.

Focus on key areas



Initial Assessment*
(Including Treatment)


Physio Follow up Treatment
(30 mins)


Physio Follow up Treatment
(45 mins)

*Please note that all clients will require an initial assessment if you have not attended the clinic previously. This is to perform a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your problem, as well as to record medical history to ensure that we can provide the best treatment for you.