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Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

What is it?

You don’t have to be an athlete to get benefits from a sports massage!
Massage plays a key role in rehabilitation and injury prevention and your therapist may perform various techniques as part of your treatment. For athletes and sports people, sports massage is highly beneficial prior to an event or to facilitate your regular training regime.  Massage will boost circulation, ease tight, painful muscles and soft tissues, as well as aiding flexibility.  Following events and heavy training, deep tissue massage can encourage flushing of lactic acid from sore muscles, easing tension and facilitating a speedier recovery.  Regular sports massage is often a vital component of an athlete’s training regime in maintaining optimal performance.

Common treatment for:

Massage Techniques

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Therapeutic Massage

Based at increasing circulation and relaxing muscle tension, therapeutic massage treatment can be used for pain relief and to facilitate the natural healing process of the tissues

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Sports/Deep Tissue

Focussing on alleviating deeper muscle spasm and painful trigger points as well as tension within the connective tissues.  It is also useful for individuals with manual jobs, those performing repetitive tasks, or office workers where periods of prolonged sitting and overuse of the postural muscles can lead to tension.

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Deep Friction Massage

 Useful for tendon and ligament problems, deep friction techniques involve deep, repetitive pressure over the painful site.  This improves circulation to the injured area and breaks down scar tissue leading to a speedier recovery.



Initial Assessment*
(Including Treatment)


Massage Treatment
(30 mins)


Massage Treatment
(45 mins)


5 x 30 min Massage Treatment
(20% discount)


5 x 45 min Massage Treatment
(20% discount)

*Please note that all clients will require an initial assessment if you have not attended the clinic previously. This is to perform a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your problem, as well as to record medical history to ensure that we can provide the best treatment for you.

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Private Healthcare Insurance Schemes

We accept referrals from all major health insurance companies such as AXA, Bupa and Vitality.  We will need authorisation numbers and membership numbers and will need to be informed prior to your first appointment that this will be your preferred method for billing.  Please note if you have an excess to pay this will need settling directly with the clinic and our reception team will inform you of the outstanding balance. Fees for private healthcare insurance policies and medicolegal companies may vary from the above.