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Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain

Here at the Physiotherapy Clinic, we often see people who are suffering with persistent shoulder pain.  Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain that we treat are:

Frozen shoulder – frozen shoulder, or ‘adhesive capsulitis’ is a painful condition where the shoulder joint goes through a series of stages of increasing pain and stiffness, followed by the resolving stage.  The joint lining of the shoulder (known as the ‘synovium’) becomes inflamed, thickened and eventually shrinks and tightens restricting movement.  Despite lots of research, it is sometimes unclear what causes a frozen shoulder, however it can be more common in people with diabetes or following an injury.

Shoulder Impingement – shoulder ‘impingement’ refers to structures within the shoulder joint which become ‘pinched’ or compressed during normal movements.  There are a number of structures within the shoulder joint which can be impinged including the rotator cuff tendons and also the bursae (fluid filled sacs which help to prevent friction between tissues during movement).  This is why sometimes impingement is also known as ‘tendonitis’ or ‘bursitis’ (meaning inflammation of the tendon or bursae).  Impingement is often linked with posture problems, muscle imbalances or overuse.


Physiotherapy for shoulder pain

Physiotherapy treatment can include:

  • Electrotherapy to help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Manual therapy – stretches and joint mobilisation to restore movement in the joint.
  • Acupuncture – for pain relief.
  • Exercises – to improve strength, range of movement and resolve muscle imbalances.
  • Posture correction.
  • Deep tissue massage and soft tissue release techniques.


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