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Back Pain in Pregnancy

pregnancy back pain

Back pain and pelvis pain are very common when pregnant.  Pain is often reported in the lower back, in the buttocks and groin, and sometimes it might radiate down the legs.  Pain can vary in intensity depending on what activities are being carried out, and pain can often disturb sleeping patterns.

Pain around the pelvis is sometimes known as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) or PGP (Pelvis Girdle Pain).

Common reasons for back and pelvis pain in pregnancy:

  • Posture changes – a growing bump means that your tummy is essentially pulling you forward.  To maintain our balance, we arch the lower back more which puts more pressure and stress through the joints and discs.


  • Weaker abdominal muscles – our deeper tummy muscles act like an internal support for our lower back and pelvis.  A growing bump results in stretched abdominal muscles which then cannot act as efficiently to support our backs.


  • Hormone changes – when pregnant, the body releases a hormone called ‘relaxin’ which makes the ligaments around the back and pelvis more stretchy in order to allow delivery of your baby.  However, stretchy ligaments can mean that the joints are not quite as stable as usual, resulting in aches and pains.


Physiotherapy can help with back and pelvis pain during and after pregnancy.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Postural correction.
  • Strengthening of your core muscles and learning how to ‘lock’ your pelvis when moving.
  • Pelvic floor muscle training – reduced likelihood of continence problems.
  • Learning how pregnancy affects your body and how it can cause aches and pains!
  • Information on how to exercise safely during and after pregnancy.
  • Advice on pain management during your pregnancy.
  • Post-pregnancy fitness – strengthening muscles, returning to activities and hobbies, flattening that ‘baby tummy’!


If you would like more information on physiotherapy for pregnancy, get in touch!



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