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Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

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Specialist sports massage and deep tissue massage therapy

Massage plays a key role in rehabilitation and injury prevention and your therapist may perform various techniques as part of your treatment.


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Massage can be useful for the following conditions:

  •   Muscle pain and tension (particularly in the back, neck and shoulders).
  •   Tension headaches
  •   Muscular pain and inflammation
  •   Joint or soft tissue bruising and swelling
  •   Ligament or tendon inflammation
  •   Sports injuries (including preparation for and recovery from training and sporting events).
  •   Soft tissue injuries
  •   Treatment of scar tissue


Massage techniques carried out at the clinic:

  • Sports massage, deep tissue massage & myofascial release – deep tissue and sports massage techniques focus on alleviating deeper muscle spasm and painful trigger points (sometimes known as ‘knots’), as well as tension within the connective tissues.  This type of massage is not just for sports people, it is particularly useful for individuals with manual jobs, those performing repetitive tasks, or office workers where periods of prolonged sitting and overuse of the postural muscles can lead to tension.

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    For athletes and sports people, sports massage is highly beneficial prior to an event or to facilitate your regular training regime.  Massage will boost circulation, ease tight, painful muscles and soft tissues, as well as aiding flexibility.  Following events and heavy training, deep tissue massage can encourage flushing of lactic acid from sore muscles, easing tension and facilitating a speedier recovery.  Regular sports massage is often a vital component of an athlete’s training regime in maintaining optimal performance.

  • Therapeutic massage – based at increasing circulation and relaxing muscle tension, therapeutic massage treatment can be used for pain relief and to facilitate the natural healing process of the tissues.


  • Deep friction massage – useful for tendon and ligament problems, deep friction techniques involve deep, repetitive pressure over the painful site.  This improves circulation to the injured area and breaks down scar tissue leading to a speedier recovery.



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